The Hall Of Fame Tinder Pickup Lines For 2017

On my previous blog, I had mentioned how I am more of the traditional and conventional dater, which I still am.

However, that does not mean that you cannot learn a thing or two from online dating and apply it in real life, such as a smart, intellectual and funny pickup line to impress the ladies.

One thing is for sure, it is a lot easier spitting out pickup lines to those on the other end of a smart phone that connects you through an app. Trying this same tactic face-to-face is a far bolder approach that has more chance of failure attached with some possible negative consequences. Having said that, the whole point of this is about challenging yourself and removing any fears about approaching women… fears that I actually have.

So I set about scouring the Internet looking for funny pickup lines, particularly those used on Tinder as they tend to be far more racer and out there!

I found one of the best ones one Reddit  and set myself out to use it.

It must be noted, that I was specifically looking for some Tinders jokes on girls with the name Amber as that is the name of the girl that I have taken out on a couple of dates already.

I am meeting up with her this weekend and was thinking about trying this pickup line on her… what do you think?

I will keep you posted and let you know if I sealed the deal or ended up being single again!

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