How To Break The Ice With Direct Approaches

One of the greatest challenges that most guys face with women they meet is knowing how to break the ice with direct approaches. The benefit of using a direct approach is that it makes the whole process so much easier and less complicated.

Be convincing when breaking the ice with a direct approach

It makes no sense to use an approach you have no faith in – it’s like selling a product that you wouldn’t buy. There are various ways in which you can make it seem like you’re not convinced with the direct approach you’ve decided to use:

  • Showing little confidence
  • Failing to maintain eye contact
  • Stammering or jumbling your words

Ask more questions and speak less

It makes a big difference by letting the woman take charge of the conversation. In so doing, you guarantee that you talk about what she’s most comfortable conversing about. It also shows her that her opinion counts, and that you’re interested in what she has to say.

Women love talking, they do it better than men and feel good when they have the opportunity to express themselves.

Breaking the ice has never been too easy but in knowing how to break the ice with direct approaches, you’ll have an upper hand!

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