The Hall Of Fame Tinder Pickup Lines For 2017

On my previous blog, I had mentioned how I am more of the traditional and conventional dater, which I still am.

However, that does not mean that you cannot learn a thing or two from online dating and apply it in real life, such as a smart, intellectual and funny pickup line to impress the ladies.

One thing is for sure, it is a lot easier spitting out pickup lines to those on the other end of a smart phone that connects you through an app. Trying this same tactic face-to-face is a far bolder approach that has more chance of failure attached with some possible negative consequences. Having said that, the whole point of this is about challenging yourself and removing any fears about approaching women… fears that I actually have.

So I set about scouring the Internet looking for funny pickup lines, particularly those used on Tinder as they tend to be far more racer and out there!

I found one of the best ones one Reddit  and set myself out to use it.

It must be noted, that I was specifically looking for some Tinders jokes on girls with the name Amber as that is the name of the girl that I have taken out on a couple of dates already.

I am meeting up with her this weekend and was thinking about trying this pickup line on her… what do you think?

I will keep you posted and let you know if I sealed the deal or ended up being single again!

What Tinder Taught Me (A Perspective From A Traditional Dater)

I am a traditional man when it comes to dating. I think no matter how advanced technology gets, we will still have to revert back to traditional means of meeting that person.

The experience of dating is very much a face-to-face one.

The question is, how can technology such as dating apps help achieve whatever it is we want out of meeting people of the opposite sex?

Tinder tips to get more dates

Are dating apps helping us find true love?

So with a lot of reluctance, I download Tinder on my phone and started swiping away.

It was not long before getting matches, but I still felt uncomfortable to start any dialog with a person I have not even met.

I’ll be honest, for me it is very much about meeting the person first and developing it from there, but with technology you can practically connect with people you couldn’t otherwise have done before the world of mobiles and the Internet.


Do not get me wrong, I am not some kind of hermit, I have modern friends who helped me with this new form of dating and each of them told me something interesting… If I wanted success I would have to improve Tinder’s profile associated to my account.

Here is what they taught me.

No Selfies

Who knew, but apparently women get a negative reaction towards selfies.

Professional Photos

Ok, there is not need to go to a studio and get some pro shots down, however, good photographs is a means of presenting yourself… very much like dressing up during an actual date (which brings me onto the next point).

Present Yourself Well

Be well dressed on your photos. Remember, Tinder is all about judging you through your photos and a small bio. It is important to come across as confident and attractive.

Goofy Photos

Look, you know the ones I mean. It might be funny amongst your friends, but this is a person who knows nothing about you and most likely will consider you a clown… just stop it!

The bottom line is, if you are serious about finding someone in Tinder, you must be serious about sending your message across.

So what did I learn from all this? Well I could not get myself to actually go on a date due to being too traditional, however, I did make the effort to communicate with some women on Tinder and the moment I made the improvements mentioned above, I found more women responding to me…. result!

Tips for Attracting Women Online and in Real Life

In our daily lives we must have come across at least a couple of guys who have said that it is very hard to attract a woman. Maybe you have said that a few times to yourself. If you have done that then you must stop yourself immediately. This will never increase your self-confidence and you will never make a good impression on a woman. There are certain principles which need to be followed very rigidly in order to be successful in talking to girls and attracting women at will. These are tried and tested methods and there is absolutely no reason why you should not be successful.


Do not complain about how hard it is to attract women

It has been noticed by noted relationship experts that guys who keep on saying how hard it is to attract women do have a really hard time in attracting women. If you look around yourself you will find a lot of guys who are quite popular with women and it can be safely assumed that they are not those types who would constantly tell themselves that it is hard to attract a woman. These men are generally very optimistic and they are always brimming with confidence.

Thinking positive is the way to go

Everyone should think and feel positive when trying to attract a woman and at the time of dating. But it does not imply that a positive attitude and self confidence is enough for a guy to attract the opposite sex. These are definitely necessary skills but you need to approach a woman and start flirting with her in order to know her better. For this one requires self-confidence and if you do not have that then you are in serious trouble. So apart from a positive thinking, one also needs to have loads of self-confidence.

Try to control yourself

If you are one of those guys who are always complaining about how hard it is to attract a woman then you must be proactive and stop yourself when you start doing it. Make a conscious effort to change the behavior as it will only benefit you in the long run. Once you get back that self-confidence then you can start pushing yourself. This will help you to hone the skills which are necessary for making a good impression and to know how to make a woman feel that she is attracted to you.

Essential Tips for Attracting Women Online

It is really very hard to get noticed on online dating sites. The fact that there are more guys than women makes the job even tougher. But still there are people who are able to get the attention of the women in these sites. Here are a couple of tips to help you attract women in online dating sites.

  • Create an interesting profile

    To make a profile interesting you need not lie about anything. Just write it in a manner which is very interesting and will draw the attention of the visitors. Nobody wants to read a profile which is bland and boring. One should devote adequate time to prepare a profile that will draw the attention of the females and make things easier for you.

  • Be willing to make the first contact

    A lot of men sit idle in online dating sites hoping that they will be contacted by the females first. But that does not happen always. One just cannot sit and wait for the women to contact them. He needs to make the first contact and try to make things happen. This also creates a good impression among the women folk.

  • Don’t be just another guy

    When a first time contact is established between a man and a woman, he makes the cardinal mistake of telling the woman how attractive she is. This is just a well known pattern and women are generally tired of all these. This will never get you real dates. Just do not sit in front of the computer and tell her again and again how attractive she is. This is just a complete waste of time and energy. You need to do something more and unique to make her feel special. When she feels that you are treating her in a special way, then the woman will be inclined to agree to meet outside the virtual world.

Talking to girls, the right way.

Sometimes in life, conversations become difficult. In fact, how to talk to girls is one of those things that you just have to learn through trial and error… that is, unless you you get some of the best advice on the subject over at Art of Seductions. Down there, they cover everything that has to do with talking to girls, women so that you come off as witty, charming and attractive.