What To Text A Girl When You Want Her To Know You Miss Her

As the saying goes “Absence makes the heart grow founder” and there is nothing more truer than that.

Women are mysterious creatures and feelings are very important to them (more than men), so if you have that special someone in your life and for what ever reason you are both apart and you start missing her, then there is a good chance she is feeling the same.

If however, you are in a relatively new relationship, knowing what to text a girl when you miss her┬ácan be a lot more complicated than being in a established relationship… the rules of the game are very different indeed as you are still getting to know each other.

In the above case, you need to be sure you do not sound too needy. You do not want to get all lovey and mushy on her as she might think you may be a little high maintenance.

Do not make the text messages long and detailed, that is for an other day when you are both on the phone chatting.

Keep the message short and concise, leave a lot to her imagination, make her use her head to try and fill in the blanks. It is very much like a good movie that makes the audience ┬áproduce a certain scenario in their heads without providing the details. The idea is to make it mysterious which by default makes you mysterious… in essence, make her imagination make you better than what you actually are.

So how do we do this exactly? What do we text?

Below is a classic example of how this works.

“I miss how you laugh at my stupid jokes and make me feel like a pro comedian, even though I am not that funny”

Not needy, but yet complimenting her good qualities.