Love is in the air

Not always is the girl the first to fall in love, quite often, a guy may fall bait to a net that was never even cast; and in that case, how do you ensure that there’s a fisherman to pull you up? Very simply, by knowing¬†how to make a girl fall in love with you easily, you will not be the only one in love.

You don’t want to sprint before you can crawl…

It’s important to take things slow, regardless of how badly you’re aching to kiss her passionately. It won’t be passionate unless she too feels the desire and not in an after-thought kind of way, but as a delayed and restrained feeling–for the more it is so, the greater the passion.

Then there’s the mistake that most guys make…

Thinking that they have to do all the chasing it never always works, in fact, rarely does it. As much as you’re the hunter, it pays to fit into the shoes of the hunted once in a while.

Too much of anything is poisonous…

Last but not least, don’t get caught up in your endeavor for you know what they say – so don’t make it look like her falling in love with you is a matter of life and death!

Impressive, that’s what she said

They say the best way to really know something is through finding out how the shoe fits on you. Learning how to impress girls is no exception to this–how else do you expect to demystify this with all the myths out there?

It’s often believed that a guy who splurges on anything and everything would really impress a girl easily…really? Would you be impressed by a woman who splashed too much money on you, but wouldn’t splash half as much care and honesty?

For starters, women like a man who can at least think out of the box and be spontaneous – but there’s nothing so “out of the box” about splurging on her, you’re certainly not the first so you can keep your change and get creative!

Asking girls out

You’re out at a friend’s cocktail party and he happens to introduce you to one of his female friends, and you wonder how he managed to keep her a secret…

As the evening wears on, you get more acquainted and eventually realize that you’d like to spend more time with her–but there’s a problem, you don’t know how to approach girls!

What a waste that would be, if after such a successful first encounter, you’d have to bail out on the grounds of incompetence and perhaps, a tinge of low confidence.

When it comes to such opportunities, there’s no room for waste, you want to seize the opportunity bag it and seal it–a done deal. But that would only come to pass if you’re an ever-ready guy, and ever-ready guys know where to find the right answers…

Like me if you’re a girl

One of the hardest things for guys to figure out is how to get girls to like you, and it only becomes more confusing when your emotions come to play and confuse you all the more.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t allow to distract you, then it’s got to be your feelings, for when you simply can’t concentrate as she’s talking, then you’ll have a harder time convincing her “what a great guy you are”.

For the better part, there are the instances when your full attention is mandatory for her to enjoy your company, but if you’ll be caught drooling and answering “OK” for a yes or no question, then you’re in trouble!